Journalists Working Together

Modern journalism’s technological revolution has allowed for a new trend in the way journalists deal with common problems. Since they can easily keep in contact with each other through social media and dedicated industry news sites, it is easier for them to band together when needed.

Recently, in the United States of America, journalists rallied together against the name of American Football team, the Redskins. The term is generally used as a pejorative for Native Americans and journalists in the US refuse to use it any longer. By refusing to call the team by their name, American journalists are making it clear that they are uncomfortable with using the racist term week after week in their reporting on American Football stories.

Using this newly reasiled power, journalists can fight against the pressure their employers put on them to report with bias. Journalists are encouraging one another to take a stand in the name of ethical, unbiased reporting.

In the Ukraine, a group of photojournalists worked together to save important documents discarded by the absconding President Yanukovych. These documents, which were found wet and in varying states of disarray, were collated and the information released on to the internet. By putting aside their differences and working together, they were able to break big news that affected the entire country.

With the realisation that instantaneous information would be a danger to print media, came the understanding that social media would change the way journalists received news and, for the world of journalism, this was a good thing. It meant that news would come instantly and many journalists quickly understood this and got on board.

Of course, with the instant access to information and media that social websites create, there is the risk of stumbling across unreliable information and images. But savvy journalists are finding ways to combat this, such as programs designed to recognise the origins of an image.


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