Receiving and sourcing: How people are accessing the news now

The way people receive news is changing. Reports, however, indicate that many people – in fact, a larger proportion of them – still prefer to get their news from the television. The majority will prefer to get their news from a local or network television station, where as, people who have subscription TV and access to specialised news programs, spend twice as much time watching the news.

Nonetheless, news is more accessible and statistics show that 50% of facebook and twitter users use those platforms to connect with the news. Some reports even insist that digital media is the preferred way to access the news for 50% of the US population.

Many newspapers are making the change from print media to online journalism, at the insistence of others. This requires  dedicated team work to dismantle the majority of the physical print operation and guidances for all employees. Some educational institutions are even working on creating a degree in social media so that future generations of journalists are not only prepared, but skilled in the social media industry.

The way people receive news isn’t just dictated by where they can find it but on what piece of equipment. Many people are now using an iPad or Samsung Galaxy tab. These easy to use pieces of technology make photo journalism easy to access and the screens are suited to high resolution pictures. In addition to this, they are extremely portable but larger than a phone so they are relatively easy to carry around. As a result of this, more than ever, people have breaking news at their fingertips at any given time.

The digital revolution means less revenue for all print-journalism industry employees and massive re-structuring for ay company that wants to continue reporting real stories, however, it is a sign of the times. People are moving forward, technologically and news needs to move with it.


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